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by Halley Sanford September 26, 2020 2 min read

Gritty & Pretty: The Cody Look


That’s the word that guided makeup Lisa Martensen when creating the look for Cody. 

“It was the Wild West,” she said. “It might’ve been romantic, but it wasn’t exactly glamorous. We wanted a ‘gritty yet pretty’ kind of look. These were rough and tumble cowgirls!”

FACE: MakeUp Forever Ultra HD

“We went a little shiny for shooting in the carriage town,” she said. “It was outdoors so it worked with the camera, but when we shot in the studio, the lighting was reflecting too much off of it, so I went back to a more matte.”

EYE: Tom Ford Eye Quad

“We did a brown smokey eye and smudged liner, with just a hint of metallic in the inner corners. No mascara, of course. Again, these are outdoorsy cowgirls, so anything too sharp or pristine would’ve looked out of place. And the collection is full of those autumnal shades, so it needed to be a natural neutral kind of shade that would complement all of that.”

CHEEK: KVD Shade & Light Contour Palette

“A little bit of contour, but not really a blush. Just giving the face a little bit of dimension. I used that same Kat Von D palette I used in Backwoods Barbie.”

LIP: Too Faced Lipstick in Strip Search

“I did a pale lip, again not wanting the girls to look too made up. I use this Strip Search shade a lot – I think it’s what I did for Midnight Cowboy – because it’s a good, soft kind of neutral that seems to work with a lot of complexions.”


“This was our first time to shoot Lozzy with her new short hair,” Lisa explained. “I didn’t want to add extensions, it would’ve made her hair too wide. I felt like the swept back androgynous duck tail with only skittle height on top was a new look for us. It’s not always about full. Change it up! Keep it fresh and fearless. Sometimes girls just need to look like they mean business – AKA are ready to kick some ass!”

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