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July 04, 2021 2 min read 1 Comment

If you know anything about us, you know our family is one of love and a whole lot of laughter. We believe in being silly, in taking the road trip, in making the memory. And back before social media, back before we shared it all with you in real time, we used to periodically send out postcards of our activities and adventures, our “Greetings from Yoakum”. We recently came across a stack of them and couldn’t resist sharing this trip down “re-memory” lane with y’all. They’ll be reminiscent for some of you who have been along for the ride for many, many years, and for those of you who are relatively recent members of our DDR family, they’ll be a fun peek into the lives of our younger selves and our precious kiddos – before they all went and grew up on us!

Our beautiful Audrey with her little denim-clad cowboy, Walker, hanging with the scarecrow outside the Mothership one Thanksgiving.

Audie and her little league sluggers, Bryson (left) and Taylor, looking cowgirl chic in that hairpipe-accented vest.

Nana and her girls (the original Wolf Pack!) doing their annual canning in their matching DDR aprons.

Perry turning the hose on the boys during a fun family car wash. Left to right: Jack Matusek, Taylor Franz, Bryson Franz, Walker Franz, Sam Matusek.

Cheryl and Sam and one gross-looking little critter getting in the Halloween spirit.

Jack and Sam donning their Sunday best to have an Easter tea party with their Mama. (Do I spy some Oscar Betz?!)

The whole McMullen gang as it existed at the time (sorry, Harris!) looking picture perfect in pastels.

Hedy doing what she loves most – double-fisting a couple of cuddly kitties!

A handful of boys and some homemade ice cream. Left to right: Taylor, Nana, Perry with Sam on his lap, Walker, Bryson, and Jack.

Nana in her happy place: her garden with her grandbabies, Walker, Sam, and Jack.

Our little culinary cutie, Jack, showing off his “Smoosh”, the winning (ok, and only) entry in the frozen desserts category.

Snuggly storytime with Nana and Baby Presley.

Sam, Perry, and Walker looking bad to the bone!

Walker and Perry vs. Jack and Hedy in a classic game of swimming pool chicken.

Our young chauffeur, Taylor, driving Miss Daisy – er, Nana – in a classic vintage car.

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Arlene Cocke
Arlene Cocke

July 06, 2021

God bless America!! Looking at all your family pictures was a lovely time! Thank you for sharing!🇱🇷🗽💐

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