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December 12, 2020 2 min read

Gifts Worth the Splurge

You’ve been good this year. Hell, we all belong on The Nice List just for making it through this year! So, let’s close it out on a high note. If there’s ever been a year to ask for – or treat yourself to – that BIG gift, this is it. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for what you can do with all that money you saved by not going out or traveling all year:


This one tops our list because, well, a) it’s absolutely stunning, a total show-stopper, and b) it has a special place in our hearts, since blanket coats are how we got our start. But mostly A.


Ok, this is another statement jacket that is a must-have and definitely belongs on your wishlist. It has a little bit of everything – fur, fringe, studwork – and you’re certain to stand out in that beautiful baby blue.


Umm… if you haven’t already been asking for a Hondo Vest, you’re behind, sister! This is a perennial fan favorite and should really be on your list every year. We promise, no matter what color you pick, you’ll wear your Hondo Vest for life.


These are the “it” boots this year. They have standout studding, but being monochromatic, they’re very versatile, so they’re the perfect way to add a little kick to almost everything in your closet. Santa owes you a pair.


You know you’ve been eyeing some. Whether it’s a big ol’ cluster cuff, or a breathtaking bib necklace, or a beautiful pair of head-turning chandelier earrings, a statement piece of Southwestern jewelry is always a win on Christmas morning. (Belts, too!) And the best part is, they’re really an investment piece – they’ll only get more valuable over time. (Not that you’ll ever want to part with it.)


These made the list because they’re a personal favorite of ours, particularly Cheryl. (She really is like a kid on Christmas morning when she finds one.) There is such beauty in these trinkets, whether it’s an old silver cigarette box or a polished vintage tobacco canteen, you can rest assured these will make for a gift unlike any other.

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