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July 06, 2024 2 min read

Some people spend their whole lives searching for fame. Some people just happen to be at the right place, at the right time. Like some Indie film or early 2000’s rom-com, Sam Matusek was plucked from behind the scenes and shoved right into the spotlight – whether he wanted it or not.

We were lucky enough to score a rare and EXCLUSIVE (and comical) interview with Double D Ranch’s new dude!

Q: You've had cameo appearances in catalogs before, but this is your first real feature. How did it feel to be the leading man in the love story that is Ranch Romance?

SAM: “Wait, I was the leading man?! Hell, I didn’t know that! One moment I was holding the scrim and the next moment standing next to Lozzie!”

Q: Tell us the story of you getting "discovered", of getting the call that you'd be starring opposite Lozzie in DDR's summer catalog?

SAM: “So, there I was, standing there sweating in 110-degree heat, holding scrims, hauling lights, fetching Cheryl’s tea, etc… you name it. Next thing I know, Cheryl slaps a shirt on me and tells me to hold Lozzie’s hand. The rest is history!”

Q: You're a classically good-looking young man, have you always known deep down that you belonged in front of the camera instead of holding the scrim?

SAM: “No, absolutely not! I’ve never been one to seek out the spotlight and will avoid cameras if at all possible. I don’t mind being on set helping out, but I didn’t sign up for all this fame and fortune – my jam is numbers and baseball.

Q: How did you prepare for this role? Any intense fitness regimens, dieting, grooming, etc? What about character prep to make sure you really captured the essence of Cowboy #2?

SAM: “Prepare?! I didn’t even shave! No fitness regimens – well, I do Optavia with the girls – no grooming, no character prep… mostly just relied on my God-given good looks!” [added with heavy sarcasm and a laugh]

Q: What is your formula for success? What advice do you have for aspiring male models looking to break into the industry?

SAM:“Oh, I don’t know – work hard and try to be born to a designer? Always say ‘yes’ to your mother?”

Q: What's next for your career? Will we be seeing more of Sam Matusek?

SAM: I’ll have to check with my agent, Mitchell Franz, but let’s just say Calvin Klein isn’t ringing my phone to put me on billboards in my underwear.

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