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January 09, 2022 3 min read 1 Comment

It occurred to us during our weekly marketing meeting that we spend a lot of time talking about what OUR favorites from various collections are, but that got us wondering what YOUR favorites are/were. So, we pulled the numbers from the 2021 Cowgirl Closets and Heritage Departures collections to see what were the most popular pieces among you gals. One thing is for sure: You ladies love your embroidered cotton tops! Almost every collection had one within the top 3 or 4 best sellers. El Casamiento Top, Stolen Ponies Top, Thunderbird Dance Top, Old Glory, etc. Interesting, but not at all surprising.

Otherwise, it was neat to see that the best sellers were typically pieces that very much embodied the unique elements of each collection. Here’s what y’all loved last year:

MARIA: Chiapas Top

The Chiapas embroidery aesthetic was important and pervasive in this collection – whether in actual embroidery or, in this case, an embroidery-inspired print – and the lightweight, romantic silhouette of the Chiapas Top made it a must-have for many of you.

CYNTHIA: Captured Scout Jacket

Lightweight cotton jackets also had a moment last year; they were also among the top sellers in several collections. Again, the Captured Scout Jacket was one of those that exemplified the Cynthia collection, with the introduction of that teal hue and the incorporation of that subtle stamping of warriors.

GAYLE: Yippee Ki Yay Top & Don’t Fence Me In Jacket

These two were pretty close in numbers, and they are very similar in style, so we’re including them both. The retro-western short-sleeved pearl snaps with traditional western welts and twangy embroidery and embellishments.

SISSY: Oil & All That Implies Vest

No surprise there! Whether it was the nostalgia of Pam’s signature look from Urban Cowboy or how good Kaylin made it look on the cover, this showstopper was definitely a fan favorite.


Again, no surprise! This is the only top that has ever been in such high demand that we have duplicated it in a second collection. It sold out when we introduced it in Taos in 2020, and again when we brought it back.

YELLOWSTONE: Outdoor Sportsman Jacket

Another lightweight jacket that topped the list! Chic meets rugged in this camo-enhanced spin on the denim jacket, and the summer camp-like patches give it strong Yellowstone vibes.

ADIRONDACKS: Hudson Falls Jacket

This jacket exemplifies the effortless elegance of Adirondacks, with its chic duster length and subtle embroidery in the rich signature shades of the collection. It’s eye-catching but not over the top, an “understated statement piece”.

BANFF: Mount Assiniboine Top

Well, to be fair, the Cashmere Core Top actually bested this top, but we tend to think of Cashmere Cores as their own collection, so in terms of pieces that are truly Banff, Mount Assiniboine wins. Which, we’ll be honest, really thrills us, because it was a bit of a design risk – would it be too retro ski sweater? Will people appreciate the old school sweater aesthetic when it’s not actually a sweater? – but in the end, those elements were what you loved about it!

And of course, we can’t ignore the awesome accessories from last year (and we’re going rogue and highlighting two of each, we make the rules):


Snake Charmer

The tall, sexy silhouette from Maria that was embellished with snakeskin accents.

Desert Chuk

Sassy suede boots we debuted with Grand Canyon that have all sorts of tonal embellishments and show-stopping fringe.


Sissy Hat

Well, of course. What Cheryl refers to as her “never say never” hat inspired by the one Pam wore in Urban Cowboy, this statement topper turned out to be one of the year’s most popular.

Great Raid Hat

One of the things we love most about you ladies is that you’re not afraid to stand out, and we love that you embraced the bold hue and striking silhouette of the Great Raid Hat!

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Elinor Bomberry
Elinor Bomberry

January 10, 2022

Hi !! I recently found your web page and I have been dreaming of a site like yours all my life. Your designs and statement pieces are so unique and one of a kind. I hope you get a Canadian satellite so us Canadian gals can shop. Keep up the outstanding job you all do everyday to make available what normally we only see on T.V. <3

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