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August 27, 2022 3 min read 4 Comments

This may sound like a “duh” statement, but one of the really rewarding things about designing a collection is watching people wear it. It’s fascinating to see which pieces are unexpectedly well-received, to watch how you gals put your personal spin on an outfit, and in our case, to have our office filled with beautiful ladies donning our designs. Check out these DDR darlings in their Eloise favorites!

Claire Johanson, Design:Dobie Jacket &Double Luck Top

“This jacket is my absolute favorite. I’m not just modeling it, I actually bought it because I had to have it for my own. I would like to die and be buried in this jacket. I like that it’s a nod to the ‘70s, because the ‘70s are back, baby!* I love how the jacket fits and is full, but I don’t feel big in it; I still feel my size. I paired it with the Double Luck Top because I like the color contrast and that it’s a simple shirt, but fun. The embroidery on the front is almost a smiley face, and it pairs great with the jacket.”

*Claire’s pants are a ‘70s era vintage find from Goodwill. See what we mean about loving to see how everyone styles their DDR?

Doris Loredo, Accounting:Red Rock Jacket /Double Luck Jacket

“It’s hard to pick a favorite! I kept going back and forth between these two jackets because I love them both so much, and finally Mitchell said he could photograph me in both. They’re very different looks from each other, but I like that they’re professional enough that I can wear them to work and feel like I look nice, stylish. I love the way our jackets fit, and this Double Luck Jacket is so versatile that it goes with tons of Double D that I already have at home. Oh – and I’m wearing the Bandit Pants, they make my butt look good!”

Kristen Schley, Customer Service:Adell Top

“You can’t beat the style and comfort of this top. The silhouette is forgiving and it’s black, which is slimming, but with the pops of color in the embroidery, it doesn’t feel plain, like the same ol’ same ol’ black top; it’s unique. It’s going to be a go-to for me for the fall because I just really feel good in it.”

Susie Eggemeyer, Customer Service:Comal Dress

“I love this dress! I love the feel of the fabric and the details on the embroidery. It’s a nice fit and I like the longer length. It’s just classic.”

Danielle Pohl, Marketing:Rodeo 29.2877N, 97.1519W Top

“The feel is amazing. Even though it’s long-sleeved, the fabric is breathable and not hot – which matters in south Texas where the summer seems to stick around! I also love that the sleeves are long! As a 6-foot tall, long-armed woman, it’s so hard to find shirts that have the right sleeve length. Plus, the blue is my favorite color and I love that the intricate image on the front. I think I also picked it because I have really fond memories of going to the rodeo and riding horses with my own Grandaddy. And that the coordinates are the latitude and longitude of Yoakum, which I think is a really cool detail.”

Ok, so we want to know – what looks areyou loving?

4 Responses

Jodi Palonis
Jodi Palonis

August 31, 2022

I enjoyed seeing these beautiful ladies model your wonderful clothes! Also it was nice to hear their choices and why. I have actually spoken to Susie numerous times. I hope you do this again.

Alicia M.
Alicia M.

August 29, 2022

~ Wow! This blog blew me away, as did my two Double D Ranch Angels (Kristen & Susie). You all look amazing and phenomenal in the outfit choices y’all selected. A couple of ELOISE long sleeve tees have caught my eye (can’t have too many). Looking forward to the next collection. Rock on ladies, rock on! ~

Toni Garrett
Toni Garrett

August 29, 2022

ALL of the ladies look so beautiful! I bought the La Joya Real dress and absolutely love it but I’ve been on the fence about the Comal dress. But after seeing how gorgeous Susie looked in it, it’s definitely going to be my next purchase! Thanks Susie!!!

Nancy C Wilson, Atty.
Nancy C Wilson, Atty.

August 29, 2022

Loved seeing the very attractive ladies of Double D. Ranch and now being able to “put a face with a name”.
They make the customer feel as special as the clothing purchased. This is so important when sales are
made long distance on the WEB or telephone. Great read!

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