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May 11, 2019 1 min read

Decades ago, Zuni artisans perfected inlay jewelry. Mosaics of stones are each individually cut and placed into a silver or gold "frame" for a tight, epoxied and polished fit. Perhaps more surprising is that each piece has a hand-etched locking groove. Micro inlay takes this one step further with tiny, fragile pieces of turquoise, mother of pearl, coral, and peridot intricately connected.

Many of the patterns look extra-terrestrial. The skill set needed to create such works of art is arguably out of this world. Gaze on our micro inlay pieces, and you can envision laser beams, nebula, and otherworldly spacecraft. Perhaps that's why some theorists suggest aliens from other worlds visited native people.

While we're not going to wade into that conjecture, we do, however, admire the lapidary work of the artists who make these incredible bracelets and earrings. These craftspeople incorporate Navajo inspiration into the perfect designs, and The Five Portraits Cuff represents the Night Ceremony, a recurring theme in the jewelry.

Lime greens, shimmery whites and atomic reds, against backgrounds of black, mimic the color schemes and motifs that carry throughout our Space Cowboy Collection. Like comets and shooting stars, micro inlay pieces astound and disappear quickly, and we only have a precious few left. No matter what you choose, our jewelry is 20% off for a limited time. Just use code: BLING4MOM at check out.

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