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Double D Addiction Spotlight: Sarah Votaw

Double D Addiction Spotlight: Sarah Votaw

Double D Addiction Spotlight: Sarah Votaw

There’s an exceptional group of Double D Ranch fans on Facebook called the “Wolf Pack.” These fierce, lovely ladies share stories, offer support and barter and trade some of their Double D Ranch items, too. Oh, and they post selfies of themselves wearing their DDR. Here’s a recent one from Sarah Stocker Votaw. She wanted to know what color boots to wear. The response: both!  Go to “Double D Ranch” on Facebook and join the fun!

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Carol Stoneburner - June 16, 2020

She has the heart of gold. We all love her…..she loves us!!! She is a wonderful part of DDR.

Carina Spies - March 17, 2019

I was one to advise her to wear both! Sò FUN! who says you cannot wear two colours? I hope she did!💞

Sue Ames - March 17, 2019

What would be do without Sarah? She’s taught several the “art of selfies” (I still need a lesson or three), she’s a wonderful mother, a fabulous wife, and as a true friend to each and everyone on this site, she has lifted us up when we were low, prayed for us when needed, and she’s been there, through thick and thin. Sarah and I have known each other only a little more than a year, and I personally feel as if I have known her my entire life, and I do intend to know her for the remainder of my life. This is to and for you Little Mama!! Love you to Mars roundtrip. Sue

Lynette Bohlander - March 17, 2019

She is model gorgeous 🙌🎊🎉👍
Beautiful inside and out. And her fashion sense is always right on. Love seeing her pictures 🥰💕👍😘

Sarah votaw - March 17, 2019

Who’s that crazy lady?!?? 🤪🤭😂💞❤️ Love y’all!

Karen Cash - March 17, 2019

Sarah is our inspiration and go to gal for questions we may have. She cheerfully responds and if she does not have an answer she researches it for you. Love her selfies and her mannequin, our mascot, has an attitude.

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