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December 03, 2023 1 min read 1 Comment

Bronc belts are those extra-wide waist-cinching contraptions, usually finished with two or three buckles, and embellished with anything from jewels and gemstones to applique to metallic studded monograms, so named for their original intent of stabilizing the cores of rough stock riders way back in the day. Initially prevalent and purposeful in most rodeos, they soon shifted to include the more eye-catching and ornamental iterations in productions like the widely attended Wild West shows, and eventually, much like ketohs and gauntlets, the form outlasted the function and they found their way into fashion.

A century or so ago, these big bold belts had an implied entendre that you were kind of a badass. If you ask us, they still do.


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Beki Smit
Beki Smit

February 14, 2024

I have always loved a “bronc-style” belt – especially when I had a little waist. The DDR belts are exquisite!!! I have 3 that I never wear because I think my waist is too large for them – they’re just hung on the wall for show. Maybe I’ll take them down and try them on!!!

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