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December 10, 2023 1 min read

As style is wont to do, the look of luxury is evolving.

Easing away from ostentatious outfits and fashion flash, discerning dressers are embracing elevated basics, textured minimalism, and an overall aesthetic appellated ‘quiet luxury’. As a brand that’s quite keen on style you can see from across the street, this understated elegance is an interesting approach for us, but it’s exploring an avenue we’ve found increasingly appealing. It speaks to us in a different love language than the embellished and embroidered style that is our signature, so we’ve developed this line of high fashion as its own division of Double D Ranch – introducing Silver Label. You can expect exquisite, elegant, and exotic; think python pieces, heirloom minks, and luxury leathers sourced and manufactured alongside some of the most elite names in the industry. These garments are exclusively direct to consumers, each commemoratively tagged to be collectible and individually customizable as an added attention to detail.

It's a part of us, designed to be as classic and timeless as you are.

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