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November 01, 2020 1 min read

Black Magic: Work Wonders in Your Wardrobe

Black is the quintessential complement-and-contrast color. It’s simultaneously grounding and emphatic; it brings a balance to its companion color while also adding emphasis. It’s unique in that way, and absolutely essential.

Nothing is more crisp, clean and classic than black and white. It’s the attraction of opposites.Light and dark. Good guy and bad guy. The presence of all colors and the absence of any color. From polka dots to prints, we celebrate that combination all throughout the Nashville collection.

And nothing is more daring than black and red.

Black and red is a color combination that reads like a country song. Passion and grief. Love and loss. Power and darkness. It’s stark, it’s bold, it’s every emotional contrast you’d expect in a ballad.

When you think “power colors”, two shades typically come to mind: black and red. As pretty as they may be, no one is strutting down the street with the same swagger in aubergine or commanding that conference room with the same confidence in cerulean. Black and red innately evoke emotion, we unconsciously associate them with fierceness and respect. They contrast, they conflict, and they complement oh so beautifully.

And they’re edgy. Which is why they work so well for this collection. This isn’t your mama’s Nashville. As much as we love our Backwoods Barbies, it’s more Johnny Cash and Hank Williams and Wanda Jackson we’re channeling here. A little bit country, a little bit rock’n’roll.

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