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March 15, 2024 2 min read

A striking beauty, sturdy in her roots, and steadfast in her convictions, Ashley Callingbull-Rabbit is paving a path and leaving a legacy.

The Canadian native is a proud member of the Enoch Cree Nation near Alberta, and is boldly breaking barriers on behalf of both, like becoming the first Indigenous woman to earn the title Miss. Universe or be featured in the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.

“My heart bursts with pride,” Ashley said. “Because conquering these goals has allowed me to break glass ceilings and stereotypes by being the first to shine the beautiful, rich culture of Indigenous representation.”

While Ashley never claims to have had an idyllic childhood, she insists it is because of her upbringing and Enoch Cree roots that she’s been successful, not in spite of it.

“Being immersed in my culture and traditional way of life is what kept me on the right path,” Ashley explained. “Because of my grandparents’ unconditional love and strength, I learned to always keep my chin up and overcome adversity with a happy heart. My culture gives me strength and I carry that with me while I chase my dreams.”

In addition to providing visual representation in mainstream media, Ashley is also an avid ambassador for charitable organizations, international spokeswoman, and an advocate for all those who might follow in the footsteps she’s forged.

“I want to set a positive example for the next generation of Indigenous women that we are capable of anything we set our minds to; I want our women to know their self-worth, use their voice for power and to never set limits for ourselves,” Ashley said, adding, “Once I break those glass ceilings, I want to ensure that I push the glass aside, so that other Indigenous women can confidently shine in that light.”

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