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March 15, 2024 2 min read

One of the most talked about – and asked about – pieces from this collection is that feisty, fabulous, full-length fringe belt that showed up in the Monument Valley catalog. It’s carrying on the Sonora style we’ve been obsessed with for the last few years, but in a whole new way.

“The story behind this piece is that we had a similar old prop belt that we had packed for a photoshoot that kind of had this vibe, but wasn’t quite ‘right’ – it wasn’t quite Double D, it wasn’t quite what we wanted it to be, so we thought, ‘Ok, what if we took this concept and made it Sonora style…’ and this is what we came up with,” Cheryl said.

You’ve seen it in a jacket, a duster, a vest, a dress, and now the Sonora full-length fringe is available in a super-chic belt. It’s a striking statement piece, and yet shockingly simple – a slender belt strap outfitted with tonal leather fringe.

“It’s not a belt in the traditional sense that you think of a belt,” Cheryl explained. “It’s certainly more of an accessory. It’s almost like a belt for your bottom half. Not exactly functional, but can totally transform your look. The purpose and appeal of it is that it’s see-through and it provides movement. It’s an outfit enhancement, if you will. And it’s fringe – which is always our thing, but happens to be very much on trend right now.”


“Really, wear it however you want! A piece this fierce has no rules. When I style it, I always do it asymmetrically off one hip, I think it reads almost like a hip-high slit in a dress that way, kind of edgy and flirty. We designed it with a smooth and adjustable strap with hidden snaps so that you can wear it by itself or you can layer it under a cool concho belt or a vintage leather belt or whatever style you’re going for.”


“Again, there’s no wrong way to wear it,” Cheryl said. “In fact, I have no doubt that our Wolf Pack will style it in ways that I never even envisioned, and it will be fabulous beyond belief. You can wear it with pants, with shorts, a skirt – long or short – even leggings. It can make any outfit unforgettable!”

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