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June 26, 2024 2 min read

Well, we’re declaring it loud and proud: you’d be hard-pressed to find cooler – or kinder! – cowboy crooners than the men of Midland! We were already over-the-moon excited for the opportunity to catch their concert in Cowtown with a group of our nearest and dearest Wolf Pack, but they made the evening EXTRA special by joining us at the Double D Ranch Stockyard store beforehand!

“Of course, we’d really HOPED we’d get them in for a meet-and-greet,” Cheryl said. “But you know, they’re musicians, they’re mega-stars, they’ve got a job to do! A lot goes into prepping for a performance, so we weren’t sure they’d have time. But of course, Kristen worked her magic and made it happen, and it ended up being just a really awesome evening from start to finish.”

So how did we get in cahoots with this trio of troubadours to begin with? Well, cute little Kristen Schley tells it best.

“I have worked with Mark [Wystrach] before, but it pretty much started with the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo,” she explained. “When Audrey and I realized that Midland was performing, we didn’t have any plans to go, but I reached out to Mark to let him know that we would like to bring a jacket to him – which was the Midnight Cowboy Jacket, but a custom blue version. Mark set us up with backstage passes to meet the guys and present him the jacket.”

Funnily enough, our little queen of customer service who is always committed to creating the utmost experience for everyone, got just a wee bit ahead of herself – and almost ended up in hot water.

“Well, why would we only bring one jacket when there are 3 guys?!” she laughed. “I definitely wasn’t thinking it all the way through, and almost got fired!”

“Oh gosh,” Audrey interjected with a laugh. “No, she didn’t! But good grief, maybe ask somebody before you promise them the farm!”

“Cheryl and Audrey recovered and said they would love to make them each a custom jacket,” Kristen continued. “I hurried up to look at the schedule to see when they would be playing again in Texas. When I saw that they were playing at Billy Bob’s, it seemed like the PERFECT opportunity to bring them in the store and gift them the jackets. We had just the right amount of time for Cheryl and her team to design and make the jackets, so it was perfect!”

But of course, what made the night unforgettable was Y’ALL!

“What a great opportunity it was to share this special day with our sweet Wolf Pack sisters and their spouses!” Kristen gushed. “Lots of shopping and visiting, which is always a treat, and then dinner at Joe T. Garcia’s, and rounded out the whole affair with a fabulous concert at Billy Bob’s! Not to toot our own horn, but it was a night worth writing home about. I’m just sad EVERYONE couldn’t be there – y’all definitely missed out!”

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