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June 21, 2024 2 min read

There’s that saying that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Well, that’s putting an awful lot of emphasis on work for your wardrobe, don’t you think? When in reality, so many more of your memories are made through whatever ELSE you’re doing in your outfit! We think the motto should be “dress for the kind of day you want to have”, because that’s what we do.

“You can’t be unhappy in hot pink,” Cheryl laughed. “I mean, you just can’t wear a hue that vibrant with a scowl, it doesn’t work – it goes against the laws of nature, I think! I love a yellow, I love a red-white-and-blue – especially for the summer – but pink has a whole different hold on your mood, for the better.”

The haute hot hue is bold, in-your-face, and as of late, everywhere! The release of the Barbie movie brought it to the forefront of fashion.

“I’ll be honest,” Cheryl admitted. “Pink is not a color I naturally identify with, personally. I don’t think that probably surprises anyone, I don’t think of myself as a super girly-girl. When Barbie-core started seeping into the trend reports and pink was becoming so prevalent, I had to sit with it for a minute. Of course, I loved Barbies, everyone knows that’s part of my origin story, of how I got into designing clothes in the first place, but the color itself, I had to redefine what it meant to me, I think. As the movie – and the movement – gained momentum, it really started to represent power and strength in a way that was overlooked and underestimated before, and I fell in love with that. I love that we’ve redefined pink as a whole, from demure to ‘I dare ya’.”

In Ranch Romance, we played with pink in every iteration – velvets, snakeskin, blinged out, fringe, rouched jackets, custom cutout lace, you name it. It became an inside joke about pink being “all the (good) F words”: fierce, feminine, feisty, fun, flirty. We truly believe that no matter how you see yourself, there’s a side of you that is suited for pink.

Because at the end of the day, that’s why we do this. We want every piece of DDR to make a woman feel like her best and baddest self when she wears it.

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