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DREAM VISIONS: The Introduction

August 09, 2013 1 min read 1 Comment


If you are like me, you are gulping down your life in today’s digital age without ever stopping, breathing, or shutting out all of the noise. We all need to take time to think, to rest and to disconnect.


For Double D Ranch’s Fall 2013 we felt the strong pull to escape to a dream world of ancient, earth-rooted fantasy. Like the Native American vision quest ceremony which sought to find spiritual guidance and purpose through dream visions, we too wanted to retreat for clarity.  ‘Dream Visions’ is the culmination of our own “design vision quest”.   It is our fantasy world divided into three distinct dreams: Kachina Spirit, Spider Woman, and Ghost Dancer.


The ‘Kachina Spirit Collection’ revolves around Hopi and Pueblo culture’s cosmology and religious ceremonies.  Kachinas are spirits or personifications of things in the real world representing anything from a revered ancestor, to animals, and to natural phenomenon.  For Double D Ranch, we found our inspiration in the actual kachina dolls themselves. Our color palette is a southwest blanket of hues.  “Chaco Canyon” &  “Zuni Coral” are warm earthy reds that get complimented by cool “Old Pawn” and “Cerrillos Turquoise”.   “Deerskin” and “Hopi Clay” come into play as natural leather hues.


Patterns and silhouettes revert to folkloric aesthetics with mixed ethnic patterns and layers of natural fabrics revolving around Pueblo pottery motifs, Hopi jewelry, and spirit dancer imagery.

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