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May 21, 2013 2 min read 1 Comment

When I was young, our family would go on road trips and Dad would pass time for us girls by playing "Eye Spy."  It would go something like this:

Hedy, you try to spy a truck pulling a boat... Cheryl, you try to spy a road sign that says "Lake"... Margie, you try to spy a red sports car... and Audrey, you try to spy an elephant wearing pink shoes and riding a motorcycle...........................................

And on cue, Audrey would wail and cry and Hedy and I would roll around laughing at her expense.  I don't think anyone ever spied anything.  It was more of a game to raz little sister and get her going.

(Don't anyone write in that we were bullying - she needed it.   She always got to set in the front seat and would turn around and gloat at Hedy and me in the back.)  

So we've continued that tradition on road trips with our kids, but now we spy for Double D Ranch!

This past Christmas and New Year's we took a big family trip to London and Audrey jokingly told us she'd give $100 to whoever spied someone wearing Double D Ranch. We all laughed because we were so far away from home, but lo and behold, not only did we spy some Double D...we spied an entire boutique with some: Jessie Western!

Over on Portobello Road is a teeny-tiny shop chocked full to the ceiling with beautiful turquoise jewelry, colorful cowboy boots, vintage cowboy hats,  fringed vests, headdresses, and of course some Double D Ranch! Sisters and co-owners are Victoria and Jessie, who are the cutest little British cowgirls you ever did see!  So when you're in London and junking on Portobello Road, be sure to stop in and tell the girls "HOWDY"!


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May 16, 2016

If intaomofirn were soccer, this would be a goooooal!

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