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AUSTIN MUSIC LIVE: Cultural Magpie

AUSTIN MUSIC LIVE: Cultural Magpie

Double D Ranch's Spring 2013 Collection is called AUSTIN MUSIC LIVE and it is divided into three distinct looks.  Let's look at our first look, "Cultural Magpie."

cul•tur•al mag•pie  (noun)

Think of her as the gal that travels the world stealing fashion from every port.

  • She is the bohemian.

  • She loves handcrafted ethnic pieces.

  • She believes embroidery and unusual embellishments are key to any garment.

  • For color, our Cultural Magpie explores unexpected levels of color like fluorescent pinks and turquoise but tempers them down with muted greens and mellow oranges.

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Kat Schilke - May 16, 2016

Love the new concepts wish i could be there !!!! <3 <3

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