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Austin Music Live: COLORS!

by 1 February 18, 2013 2 min read

One the first things we do when starting a new season's collection is to create our color palette.  It's a multi-step process, but it gives us a chance to define our key colors and separate them from our accent and embroidery colors.  We use Pantone's color matching system to communicate exact hues to our manufacturers, but create our own collection specific names to convey colors and mood to our end user.  For example, when we did our FreeBird Collection last spring we named our colors around birds.  A blue became "bluebird", a soft muted green became "aviary olive", a white was "egret" .... you get the picture. . So this season we thought we should name our colors after key landmarks and music venues in and around Austin, the "Live Music Capitol of the World".   And since Austin is an incredibly colorful city,  it didn't take long for colors of our AUSTIN MUSIC LIVE to come to life with names like Barton Springs, Bee Caves, Driskill White, and Willie Weed.

The city's main attractions were practically named with this collection's colors in mind! .

. Our 3 Key Looks also breakdown into 3 different color palette variations.  Even though it is one big pallet, it is organized and merchandised into 3 distinct harmonies.

  1.  TheCultural Magpie palette explores unexpected levels of color like fluorescent pinks and turquoise and then tempers them down with muted greens and mellow oranges.
  2. Our Denim & Diamonds palette is variation of indigos and ices with pops of dusty reds to give a unique and fresh take on classic Americana.
  3. And our Rockabilly Retro palette incoprates bright candy colors especially pink, and tones them with cool blues and warm yellows.
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