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Charming the Slitherin Sequin Dress

Let's get one thing straight. ........I HATE SNAKES. I've been dreading doing this post because I knew I'd have to research some pictures of cool looking snakes. So let's get past that part of the blog, deal? . ....... .............. . We found a "little" snake a few weeks ago...

in the house...

in the dog's bed!

I guess that comes with liv'in in the country, but it still gives me the willies! . . However, I do love snakeskin incorporated into fashion.

. . So for Call of the Wild this Fall (a collection just begging for a snakeskin something...) I did a Slitherin Seguin Dress. We've glitzed up an intricate snakeskin pattern with gold, silver, and brown sequins, beautiful beads and elaborate embroidery.

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ivykoehler - May 16, 2016


Jaymie Williams - May 16, 2016

Hate the snake, but love the dress!

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