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Klondike Gold Rush

October 11, 2012 1 min read

The 19th century ended in a flurry of bright eyes set on gold out West. Gold was first discovered in the remote Canadian area near the Alaskan border known as the Yukon region, but because of the area's isolation and wretched weather conditions, the local excitement of the gold findings took longer than a year to reach newsstands in New York City. But when the news did hit, immigration of up to 100,000 prospectors flocked to the Yukon region and began unearthing massive quantities of gold.  This mining boom became known as the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896. . . Ultimately, only about 4000 of those initial stampeders (as they were called once the immigration began) collected on decent size stakes. Now,Klondike National Park provides visitors a chance to actually walk parts of the stampeders trek in a guided tour, hike around the Yukon region, and see immortalized pictures and supplies by the original prospectors of the Klondike Gold Rush. . . ................................. .

So as part of Double D Ranch's Wild Frontier Collection, we became enamored with gold.  While we didn't stampede off to Alaska, we instead did a small grouping of luxe leathers and fabrics embellished with sequins and metallic embroidery that we call, "Wild About Gold".  

Take a look.


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