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Editors are Forecasting: Military

October 02, 2010 1 min read 1 Comment

Since Austin City Limits is gearing up next week, I thought we could take a look at the Combat Rock Field Jacket and it's music influences.



Double D Ranch's  Combat Rock Jacket is based on vintage military field jackets, but the "jazz" is definitely in the music.


When I was designing the Combat Rock Jacket I imagined my Gypset girl going to music festivals and rock concerts and effortlessly wearing a vintage military jacket with big pockets and plenty of storage.

of course she would be sans handbag... who wants to go to a concert with a purse?!


Next, since she has had this jacket for years, I imagined her collecting some really cool patches along the way from all of the great music festivals and even a backstage pass or two ...  Monterrey Pop, Woodstock, Lilith Fair, Glastonbury & even one from Austin City Limits.


And finally, for a little fun and so she wouldn't forget, I imagined her randomly scribbling a few lyrics that were music to her ear.


. . .

1 Response

Pam Allen
Pam Allen

May 16, 2016

Hi- I love this jacket military field jacket with the patches and clips on it, but I can’t find it anywhere – where can I purchase it? I must have it – it’s super cute and is perfect for me! Please advise with good news on where I can purchase this jacket.

Thanks a million! Pam

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