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2000 Fan Facebook Contest!

You may have heard.

We are so close to having 2,000 fans on the Double D Facebook fan page!

In honor of this momentous occasion that only comes along once in a Facebook fan page's life, we'd like to thank each and everyone of you.
....oh and give away 9 Double D tees.
...oh yeah, and a Double D Ranchwear jacket.

But let's add some spice to the pot. Here's how YOU can be a recipient of this exclusive Facebook offer:


1)    Become a fan of Double D on Facebook (if you haven't already!) You can do that by clicking HERE. 2)    Send out messages, status updates, and comments to your Facebook friends telling them how to befriend us on Facebook. Again, send them HERE! 3)    Keep pestering these friends until they do befriend us, because the more of YOUR friends that add Double D, the better your odds are at those tees...oh and the Double D jacket! 4)    ...because: The 2000 fan of the Double D Facebook page will win a Double D tee.

Oh and the person who recommended that 2,000 fan? They get that jacket we've been talking about!

5)    With some simple math and a question of the 2,000 fan, we'll have our winners.


BUT WAIT! There's more!

We're also going to pick, AT RANDOM off our trusty analytics, 4 people who add the Double D Facebook page as of...well, the time this post goes live (NOW!)....and find out who recommended them. All 8 of those people will win a Double D tee!


So lots of winning to be had; now let's divide come together and conquer! This contest is not over until we have that 2000 fan of THIS Facebook page!

  • See the literal and figurative inspiration behind all of Double D Ranchwear's previous, current, and upcoming collections
  • Be 'in the know' about giveaways like Trivia For Tees and other contests. (This is where you can win stuff.)
  • Catch behind the scenes vlogs of photo shoots and other happenings at Double D
  • Swing by and just say howdy! We'll return the favor! .

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shmuela padnos - May 16, 2016

let the games begin hee haw let er buck

Meg - May 16, 2016

One closer! Can’t believe I have been SLACKING… Follow blog & twitter… Double D complete now.

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Kaye, I know. I have been trying to buy back some old DDR classics and the prices keep going up. I guess that is a good thing!

Kaye Morrison - May 16, 2016

I wish I had some of my original Double D Ranch Wear from the early 90’s. I could wear it again since my 40 pound weight loss. I so love your stuff.

cassie (ethan and lillys closet) - May 16, 2016

i was refuring people and i was watching and my friend brenda won #2000

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