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Dios te Ama

Dios te Ama

I have a dear friend who is a fantastic artist.

Her name is Anne. She is just one of those people who can pick up anything and make something beautiful from it - and look out if she is picking up a paintbrush!  Years ago, she painted a fabulous mural in our guest bath here at the ranch.  It is a winding, tuberous botanical that she aged and made to look a hundred years old. 


Anyway, I was working on the spring collection and came across this 10 pesos note that someone had scrawled "Dios te ama" on.  I loved it and asked Anne to create a watercolor collage for a t-shirt based on the pesos' message, "God loves you." The only guidelines I gave her were these:

  1. include the 10 pesos note,
  2. have a handmade Mexican craft feel,
  3. and send a message.

So, about a day later (really, she is super fast) this illustration board shows up. 

See, isn't she fantastic?!

So we took Annes' artwork and 'Double D'd' it up to make, what else, Dios te Ama Tee. 

Here is what Anne has to say about her inspiration and thoughts behind designing this piece:

Could it be that I've come full circle in my heart and mind and once again believe as a child that simple, trusting belief that: Jesus loves me this I know....and everything else is secondary?
In the midst of all the craziness & wonder of life...THERE HE IS - LOVING US!

Anne also wants you to know she is, "blessed to be a wife, mother, friend, artist, and interior designer living in beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas."  She says, "I am almost positive I have died and gone to heaven as this wonderful place is Heaven on Earth!  I count it a true joy to get to help create in any way for Double D!"

Anne M. Eppright Designs, Fredericksburg, Texas.

*All designs and artwork are the intellectual property of Double D Ranchwear.

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Cheryl - May 16, 2016

ok Shmuela – let’s do it! I’m working on spring 2011 right now – do you wanna play?

shmuela padnos - May 16, 2016

i want to do a collage for a tee shirt for u

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Yep – Anne is awesome and Audrey is amazing…and I just get to hang out with these gals and call them friends!

Robyn - May 16, 2016

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this tee!!! Amazing design Anne. Love your creativity and amazing business Audrey & Cheryl!

Audrey Franz - May 16, 2016

Anne this tee is awesome!

JessicaMontoya - May 16, 2016

I think this may be my favorite tee from this season. The sleeves are lovely and since we have the “Mexican Darling” tee at the store currently, I’ve admired the detail in person; however I LOVE the COLOR of the sleeves on this one! I also dig the collage, as assemblage runs in my blood.

uh oh, that tanget of thought has led to this sidenote: “Assemblage” is an artistic process in which a three-dimensional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects. Wikipedia. I’m feeling a blog post coming on this word…

The unexpected splatter effect makes it for me. Also love the cutout ransom letters. And it’s always good to remember that Jesus/Dios/Yeshua loves me. and you. and we were made in his image with LOTS of VARIETY…He is a creative God. :)

Your websites says they are sold out…already?!! Or is it just not available until May 15?

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