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Always in Fashion: Good Manners

I just had to stop what I was doing today to write about this.

We just received the loveliest thank you note from one of our tee giveaway winners.  It was beautifully scripted on a pretty note-card and absolutely gushed with gratitude over a simple little t-shirt.
Emily Post would have been most pleased.
. [caption id="attachment_3646" align="alignnone" width="575" caption="Tara's thank you note & Audrey's green light"][/caption] . I have to tell you, it was so nice to see someone with good old fashion manners taking the time to pen a thank you.  I'll be the first to admit,  I have gotten lax in this techno age and just shoot off an email or worse, TEXT!  Shame on me - my mama taught me better! Anyway, Audrey was so impressed also, that she gave me the "green light" (green post it) to giveaway some more tees so,
Wah HOO! - Let's give away some tees!
Here is the deal for the new tee giveaway:
  1. write a little thank you note to anyone for anything,
  2. post your "thank you" under today's blog post comments - select the "comment bubble"  at the upper right hand corner,
  3. leave your "thank you",
  4. and Tara (author of the original thank you and DDR girl with good manners) will select THREE winners.
  5. GOOD LUCK and get to writing!
  6. deadline for entries will be Monday at midnight.
_______________________________________________________________________________ Oh, now check this out... as I write this, another nice thank you note!
Maybe I'm the only one with bad manners .... I'm going to work on that.
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Elizabeth (Lisa) Dillard - May 16, 2016

Hey Gals!! I try to live in thankfulness<3 It makes the day sooo much better. Your t-shirt giveaways are wonderful and I'm so glad for the winners. I have gobs of your tees and love each and every one along with my super wonderful jackets. I always get lots of compliments when I wear my Double D Jackets and clothes<3 Thank you sooo much for all that you do for us gals. I am not a skinny gal and I appreciate that your clothes look great on all sizes!!!!! Thanks again for being the wonderful gals you are……you are much loved<3 Lisa Dillard

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

aww – I remember that little note! That means a lot to me, Doris. You are an amazing woman and it has been so much fun to watch you grow and mature into the person you are today. I love watching your relationship with God grow into a personal friendship. Thanks for running the DDR ship and taking all the hard knocks when the storms come rolling in. You are very special to me.

DorisLoredo - May 16, 2016

Cheryl, I still have a thank you note that you gave me 8 or so years ago. It is just a little 2 × 2 card in a 2×2 envelope. I cant seem to throw it away. It meant a lot when you gave it to me & I kid you not but every year since(during audit season) I pull it out and read it.
Yep, I am officially crazy!

CathrynH. - May 16, 2016

Great post Cheryl! It inspired me to write one along the same lines…check it out tomorrow!
Have a great weekend!

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Lisa, I like that: “live in thankfulness” … I bet it sure does make life better with that kind of gracious attitude. I’m going to borrow that one from you!

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Hey Billie- glad to see you have joined our blog family. I have some cute pics of our favorite niece that I am going to post just as soon as I have a breather. Thanks for wearing and being a “cheerleader” for DDR. To get in on the current tee giveaway see the details at the bottom of yesterday’s post

CindyBTaylor - May 16, 2016

Thanks for the little reminder! Thank you notes make not only the recipient but also the sender feel good.

Billie Colvin - May 16, 2016

Hey gals at Double D how do I join to get in on the drawings for the free T’s??? I wear Double D pretty often, especially in the winter, some reason I have more of your winter clothes. Anyway just to let you know again, I NEVER wear anything from DD that I don’t get wonderful comments, and a lot of times strangers come up and ask me where I bought “it” and even men have said “I’ve got to get my girl one of those”. So many many thanks for keeping me looking good, in fashion and proud to be in Double D!!!

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

lovely, Dana and “thank you” for posting!

Pat Fowler - May 16, 2016

Four years ago April, I lost my Mom. She and her sisters worked summers as chambermaids-at the Bright Angel Lodge- at the Grand Canyon. My Mom loved the West, particularly Arizoooooona as she would always say, drawing out the OOO’s. I thank you, Mom, for loving me and all eleven of us. I feel that the West is in my heart-because of you. And as I type, your silvery bangles tinkle a song t you….

If I win a tee, I will forward you old time 1940’s pics of my Mom at the Canyon! Please choose me. I never win anything…

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