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Wishing You Verdant Pastures


Happy St. Paddy's Day, Y'all!

I hope this greeting finds you riding with your sweetheart, in a verdant pasture strewn with crisp white daisies, and a purple mountain majesty for your backdrop! - the Double D Ranch family
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Chris Barton - May 16, 2016

Unfortunately I am not able to get away to Round Top fair this spring – saw it featured on Cactus Creek blog – I remember you said you got great inspiration there…….now maybe when I am retired (like that will happen anytime soon…..) I went to Canton some years ago and found beautiful old linens & quilts & neat old doors & windows – like walking back in time…….

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Chris, yes – this is an old postcard I had from our collection. It was as close to a “cowboy” St. Patrick’s Day card as I could get.
As far as Round Top goes – I hadn’t been there in years and Audrey and I went last fall. Either we are getting old or that thing has grown! I think both! Anyways, I want to go again this spring, but we have market next week and I am not sure if I can squeeze it all in. Are you going?

Chris Barton - May 16, 2016

Is this one of your vintage postcards? So pretty…..
Cheryl – do you still go to Round Top Antiques Show I think it is this weekend??? I have been to Canton but not to this one…..

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Chris – I had contacted Fancy at Cactus Creek about textiles and linen resources at Round Top. She is going to be blogging from Marburger Farm so she can keep us posted. I really want to try to sneak away either Monday or Tuesday after market. I always find good stuff.

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