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Now Let Me Tell Ya A Story 'Bout A Man Named Jed

Now Let Me Tell Ya A Story 'Bout A Man Named Jed

Trivia Question #2:

What CBS television sitcom featured one of Nudie Cohn's Nudie-Mobiles?


The Beverly Hillbillies

Nudie-Mobile & the Beverly Hillbillies

Congratulations to Emily Inthachak!

Emily was the only one to answer correctly even though there were several shows that Nudie-Mobiles were featured in.  (Jimmy Dean Show, Antiques Road Show and the Monkees Movie)  So Emily contact us with your address, size and color preference and we will get you a Double D Ranch Tee in time for the holidays.
I love this - It makes me feel like Regis Philbin.


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Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Emily, I did enjoy the Beverly Hillbillies and actually used them and Dukes of Hazards as inspiration for the spring 2008 collection “Hillbilly DeLuxe”. We named jackets “Jethro”, “Moonshine”, Dash RipRock" – Crazy fun. But you trumped me on the character “Quirt Manly” – I didn’t know that. Way to go and congratulations, you were the only person with the correct answer!

Emily Inthachak - May 16, 2016

Yippee! The guy is the car is Henry GIbson, playing Granny’s favorite cowboy start “Quirt Manly.” I bet you already knew that Cheryl. My favorite chldhood show besides Andy Griffith.

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