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September 25, 2009 1 min read 1 Comment

Here is a little re-memory:  Does anyone remember this "Greetings from Yoakum" postcard?

Back in the day, we use to send out "Greetings from Yoakum" postcards to all our stores.  It was our way of 'social networking' before Facebook & MySpace.  I pulled this little re-memory out to commemorate the official first day of fall. It features Audrey and Walker setting out the fall decorations outside of our Double D Ranch home store.

Wonder how old Walker was?

Walker and Audrey setting out Fall Decorations

Walker and Audrey Setting out Fall Decorations

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margie mcmullen
margie mcmullen

May 16, 2016

what a great rememory, Harris is guessing Walker is 3 years young. Fall c am in great this year, it has been so cool and we got rain at last.

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