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September 24, 2009 2 min read 6 Comments

Roundtop Antiques Week Packing List:
  1. Travel Jacket with all of the Pockets - check

  2. Sun Hat, Sunscreen, & 'Love Your Lips' - check

  3. Over the Shoulder Duffel Bag - check

  4. Comfortable Walking Shoes - check

  5. Precautionary Rain Gear - check

  6. Camera, full Battery - check

  7. Textile Magnifier - check

  8. Sketchbook - check

  9. Cash - check

  10. Rolling Cart - check

  11. Confirm date on my Calendar -  ahh no

Yep, we showed up in Warrington like eager beavers, but the vendors were still setting up their tents!  Not late to the party this time; just a few days early.

... oh, well - there's always ROYER's Rountop Cafe!

FYI: on the outside chance that someone out there hasn't heard about Royer's Roundtop Cafe, let me bring you up to speed:

  • simply the best 'country bistro' in Texas (pop. 84)

  • home of Bud the Pie Man and his killer pies

  • voted 'one of the places you must visit before you die'

  • featured on: Food Network  and the Texas Country Reporter,

  • featured in: Bon Appetite, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Austin American Statesman, Texas Monthly

  • worth the trip just to see Bud hold court and listen to his 'Budisms

  • wonderful family business with wonderful & creative people

  • my favorite place to eat

Today we had the cafe's BLT.  To call it a "BLT" is a disservice to this sandwich.  Grilled shrimp, thick bacon, some great sweet & spicy sauce, red onions, and lettuce on a long bread roll.  2DIE4

For dessert, we had hunks of pecan pie, buttermilk pie, and apple pie with crumbly granola topping - all a la mode of course, (btw, it is more expensive without the ice cream) l

Also, want to mention a really cute tent we saw called "Sweet Peas".  She is out of Athens, Texas and carries all the best to feather your nest.

A few treasures we did score!

6 Responses


May 16, 2016

Cindy, we are going to try to make another run on Tuesday. Save me some good stuff!


May 16, 2016

We went last year on Thursday afternoon, fought rain and shopped around a little BUT we were there bright & early for Friday and we got 2 eat at Royer’s 2 nights in a row! LITS (Life is too short) to not indulge!
Am heading out at the b*tt crack of dawn in the a.m. and hoping to find some treasures. I’ll be sure & leave something for y’all if you’re going back. Like I could haul all of that stuff home in a Tahoe.


May 16, 2016

Cindy, we are going on Tuesday or Wednesday again. I want to do Marburger too and the big barn. Have fun and I hope you bring home little treasures! I can’t wait!


May 16, 2016

Am going to try to go Wednesday or Thursday to hit up Marburger & Round Top. I think there will enough stuff for everyone! I love the treasures that I find there.
Y’all have fun -


May 16, 2016

Always young at heart, no matter what the age!

LuAnn Conway
LuAnn Conway

May 16, 2016

Your fashions inspire to enjoy life ! Though a little surprised about your faith; I should have known anything as creative and wonderful as your selection had to come from His inspiration! Thank you for helping me feel young again.
Sincerely, LuAnn

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