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by Cheryl McMullen September 20, 2009 2 min read 1 Comment

continued from Inspiration Part 1

"Shots from Jackson Hole & Yellowstone"

Shots from Jackson Hole & Yellowstone continued from yesterday...

Mother, Audrey, the boys and I made the trip to Cody in record time. Audrey and I took turns at the wheel only stopping for P&P.  (potty & pancakes)  On the first day in we split up.  Mom and I went to the Wild West Show & Auction while Audrey took our cooped-up cowboys into downtown Cody to see the historic Irma Hotel's gunfight reenactment. She also wanted to do a little shopping.

When we finally met back up at the auction later that afternoon, the boys were outfitted de rigueur: chaps, plastic holsters, and pop pistols. You can imagine the unwelcomed stares as our boys did their own gunfight reenactment up and down the auction house aisles. Jack topped off the ruckus with one of his Star Wars action figures shouting,

Kahooo, Luke, this is your destiny.

Yes, they were glad to see us go.

The auction was everything the flyer said it would be and more. I ended up with winning bids on several lots that I convinced Mother were needed for inspiration.  But much to my chagrin, as I write this, I can't for the life of me remember what I bought.  I just remember three pieces I didn't get¦ well actually just two.  I missed a fun bearskin rug that I wanted for showroom display and ending up haggling outside on the curb with the winning bidder to eventually acquire it. The other two are long gone: a pair of great woolies with a wonderful tooled leather belt and most regrettably a pair of Annie Oakley's gauntlets that she had embroidered her monogram into.

Oh well.

Note: When you find yourself in Cody Wyoming, may I suggest breakfast at the Historic Irma Hotel.  They have awesome pancakes and you can follow that up with their rifle tote'n, pistol sling'n, gunfight reenactment live in the streets.

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Julie Pearson
Julie Pearson

February 26, 2019

Thanks for sharing. I love reading your blog posts.

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