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December 05, 2021 1 min read

Warm up your wardrobe with winter white.

When done correctly, winter white is one of the most elegant shades of the season, breathing a freshness into the greys and browns and blacks that one tends to rely on in the colder weather months. It’s sophisticated, polished, and almost effortlessly upscale.

“Gone are the days of not daring to wear white of any sort between Labor Day and Easter,” explained Cheryl. “While we personally encourage everyone to wear whatever makes them feel good every day of the year, there are nuances to white that can make it feel more seasonally appropriate, particularly texture and tone.”

You’ll find that most winter whites are just a shade or two off stark white, they tend to have a hint of cream or eggshell or even a taupe to them, which curbs that super-summery feel. Additionally, they’ll usually be in heavier fabrics, like suedes and leathers and wools, that are more suited for the chillier temps of the season. Also, the embellishments can add to the vibe of a garment, like adding fur to the collar or cuff. 

There are subtleties to winter white, for sure, but the only fashion rule we steadfastly follow is that confidence is key.

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