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December 12, 2021 3 min read

In previous Heritage Departures collections, the look was intended to be outdoorsy, au natural, or as was the case with Adirondacks, “effortlessly elegant”. With Banff, we went a little more, shall we say, “understated glam”.

“From start to finish, the overall aesthetic, the ‘scheme’ of Banff is soft and sophisticated,” explained Lisa Martensen. “The girls’ look needed to reflect that. On the one hand, it’s the holiday collection, so you want it to be a little glamorous and festive and pretty, but on the other hand, you’re still in a ski town, so it doesn’t make sense to be too ‘done up’. The look we did for Taos last year, for instance, would be out of place here.”


“Again, a wave vs. a curl. It’s not often that I will do a hard curl, it has to be a very specific look to call for a tight spiral or a wet-set. I like to use a big 1.5-inch curling iron; it creates great volume and it comes out soft and pretty. It gives you a look that says, ‘I did my hair, but I didn’t spend all day doing it.’ It goes back to that vibe of effortless elegance. Of course I used my go-to Total Results styling spray that I use every time, but here’s something new you can tell the ladies: I finished it off with Sumo by Bumble and Bumble. I don’t think we’ve talked about that one yet! Like it says right on the label, ‘to make piecey, lived-in texture last’ – couldn’t have said it better myself.”


“Banff has a lot of upscale earthy colors, stone shades, so I carried that into the look, just intensified. For the lid I’m using a MAC shadow in Brun, which is a warm, deep taupe-y brown, and then I’m lining the lower and upper lash line with Urban Decay’s Dark Horse eyeshadow – which I think they discontinued, but you can sub it with their ‘Ember’ shade, they’re almost identical – because it is metallic, which gives it a little shimmer reflecting back, especially in photography. Now here’s my little secret for this eye, my ‘Pro Tip’, if you will: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Its benefits are really three-fold; it helps it stay on, it helps it not to crease, and it enhances your shadow, makes it bolder and more vibrant, which is important here because I’m not using a lot of color so I want it to be impactful.”

“I did my usual on the brow, filling it in softly with a shadow powder. Oh, and do I even need to say it? No mascara. It can just get so, ‘department-store-catalog’ looking. And I believe if you have beautiful eyes – which both of these girls do – mascara doesn’t make a bit of difference. Skip it.”


“I used a trusty favorite on the cheek, RMS Cream Blush in Demure. It’s subtle and classic, timeless; I believe it’s what I used when I created the Liz Taylor-inspired look for Giant, it’s that kind of vibe. Plus it’s that very soft pink – it looks like it could be a natural blush from a snowy day in a mountain town.”


“This is a new one, and the ladies are going to love it, especially for winter when everyone’s lips tend to get super chapped. It’s a simple, clear lip balm! Well, technically, a lip ‘butter’, I guess; it’s called Weleda Skin Food ‘Lip Butter’, it’s like $7, and I’m pretty sure I got mine at Whole Foods. I know you can get it at Ulta, you can probably even Amazon Prime it. If you look at Lozzie’s lips, they have a natural outline to them; you can mimic that with a lip pencil that’s just a shade darker than your natural lips. But make sure you soften it with the balm, if it’s too defined, you’ll have an early ‘90s Selena thing going, and that’s not the look you’re going for.”


Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner

“Ladies, I cannot stress it enough: you need to be cleaning your makeup brushes more often! It will extend the life of your brushes, and it will improve the application – especially a foundation brush. The makeup on the brushes doesn’t all come off on your face, right? I clean mine after every application, but you should be getting rid of that buildup at least once a week. I love this Parian cleaner, it’s probably the best kept secret in my makeup case; it breaks down anything – and it smells like orange!”

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