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April 05, 2024 2 min read

This darling dress is stealing hearts this season, namely Hedy’s.

“Oh yeah, this is my favorite!” Hedy beamed. “This is quintessential Hedy. It’s one of those dresses – y’all know how I like when they touch me at the shoulders and nowhere else. It’s gonna be great with little sandals, it’s gonna be great with Double D boots. Oh yeah, Hedy’s gonna wear this. I dibbs-ed it for Easter.”

While it has a distinctly DDR aesthetic, it’s a bit of a novel look for us.

“It’s familiar, but it’s fresh,” Cheryl said. “It’s a style we all love, but it’s a new silhouette. It’s got a big full sleeve, with these beautiful cuff buttons. And here’s the thing, it’s youthful, but not in an exclusionary kind of way; in a way that makes you feel youthful – coquettish, even – not in a way that it’s too ‘young’ for you to wear it, ya know?”

Not only is it fun to wear for style’s sake, it’s going to be an easy-breezy go-to (read: godsend) for what’s shaping up to be a mighty warm summer, especially for us Texas gals.

“The fabric is actually 100% cotton,” explained DDR designer Kristin Klier. “It is a slubbed cotton gauze with a nice soft drapey hand.”

“It feels like a textured linen, but it’s lightweight,” Cheryl added. “It’s not a real heavy linen. And it comes with its little liner, I’m sure that’s something people will ask – it is lined”

Kristin also emphasized its wearability and versatility.

“The silhouette is easy to wear but still dressy, classy, great for spring!”

And let’s be honest, if it has the Hedy Carter seal of approval, what more do you need?

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