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April 05, 2024 1 min read

If you’re keen to shift your perspective, take an excursion to lay your eyes on something – or better yet, somewhere – you’ve never seen. Exploring, experiencing, immersing, and above all, appreciating. Few things rejuvenate the human spirit quite like it.

MESA VERDE NATIONAL PARK – Montezuma County, Colorado

Spanning more than 50,000 acres and featuring 5,000 sites, it’s the largest archaeological preserve in the United States, best known for its miraculous mesas and cliff dwellings of the Pueblo people.

CANYON DE CHELLEY – Apache County, Arizona

Entirely owned by the Navajo Tribal Trust and uniquely co-managed by the Navajo Nation and National Park Service, it is home to approximately 40 Navajo families and the park’s most remarkable geographical feature, Spider Rock, a 750-foot sandstone spire.

MONTEZUMA CASTLE – Camp Verde, Arizona

A remarkable work of ancient architecture, this notoriously misnomered monument actually has nothing to do with Montezuma, but is rather a 5-story dwelling built into the side of a cliff by the Sinagua nearly a thousand years ago.

Ignite within you a renewed sense of awe for God’s creation.

Check back next week for our ‘Eat, Stay, Play’ immersive about Sedona, where we shot this beautiful collection!

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