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July 17, 2022 3 min read

The countdown is on to the hottest party in South Texas!

If you’ve ever been to one of our annual meetups, we don’t have to tell you how much fun they are and why you should come this year… but if you’re on the fence, here are our Top 5 reasons it’s worth the trip!


You gals are undeniably the heart and soul of the Wolf Pack – it wouldn’t exist at all without y’all! – and it is incredibly inspiring to see the friendships you’ve formed from afar. BUT, imagine getting to hug that gal who found you your “Unicorn” or the one with whom you bonded over a tough time. If quarantine taught us anything, it’s the value of face-to-face friendships, and that is hands down our favorite part of the Meetup! Not only do you get to engage with those you’ve already come to know and love online, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet so many other wonderful, inspiring, and STYLISH sisters! Let’s be honest, adult friendships are hard to form, and the Meetup is like one big mixer of fabulous folks whom you already have something in common!


The McMullens are way too humble to consider themselves a “selling point” for coming to the Meetup, but I’ll say it. FUN FACT: I worked remotely for two years before I met the sisters, and let me tell ya – it’s a whole different ballgame getting to just hang out with them. Their personalities cannot possibly be captured in a Facebook Live video – especially Hedy, hold on to your hat! – and they will quickly become some of your favorite people you’ve ever met. And Nana, there aren’t even words; you’ll walk away thinking you just had a conversation with a real life angel on Earth. And that’s just the FAMILY – think about all the characters you’ve interacted with over the years who are members of the DDR team, imagine finally putting a face to a name. You can catch up with Kristen, shop with Susie, have a drink with Doris… guaranteed good time!


This is one you might not have thought of, but it’s a huge benefit of being at the Mothership. We do our very best – trust me, it’s a huge undertaking – to provide all the details and dimensions of our jewelry pieces, and to photograph them on the models/real people, but there is no substitute to getting to see how those Oscar Betz hang on YOU or feel the weight of that statement squash blossom yourself. It’s so worth it and an added bonus to the overall experience.


Every savvy shopper knows there is nothing more satisfying than a super sale find, and there are unprecedented discounts on merch at the Mothership. Plus, we pull out pieces that have been off the market for months, so it might just be your chance to finally snag that one garment you’ve had non-buyer’s remorse about since the collection closed.


At the end of the day (literally), this is what it’s all about! Every evening we have something so fun and memorable lined up for our Wolf Pack, we can promise you won’t forget it. We’ve got karaoke, we’ve got a private movie screening, we’ve got BBQ & Boot-scootin’ – it is just evening after evening of non-stop fun! Not to mention, it’s the perfect opportunity to ‘get rigged up’ and show off your DDR style. PLUS, your Party Passes score you some pretty sweet swag bags!

The long and short of it is – we want to hang out with you, and this is our chance. We put a whole lot of work into making this event better and better every year, and we promise it’s worth the trip!

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