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September 26, 2021 2 min read

From bandanas to bolos, we’re up to our neck in accessories! We’ve given a lot of love to Oscar earrings and cluster cuffs lately (with good reason), but we haven’t forgotten about what a great piece of neckwear can add to a look! Here’s a little crash course in looks we’re currently loving.


Our love for bandanas is nothing new, we’ve waxed poetic about Cheryl’s decades-long obsession and astounding collection she’s amassed over the years. But lately, with these adventurous and outdoorsy collections, we’re really loving the throwback look of just knotting it up close to the neck. Isn’t Lozzie rocking that laid-back luxe look with the Buffalo Dude Sweater and Oscar earrings? Swoon. (Want to really amp up your outfit? Check out our collection of vintage scarves and bandanas we just added to the site!)


When in doubt, always add the bolo. Though their popularity has really been revived as of late, a bolo is still an unexpected way to add a little awesome to your outfit. Not only are they not necessarily your average accessory, but they also have such a wide range of style and composition – some solid silver, some with big bold stones, some in incredible mosaic settings – there is a bolo out there for everyone! And that’s the best part, anyone can rock a bolo – man, woman, or child.


These have really come back on our radar lately with the addition of Jock Favour to our catalog of artisan collaborations. He has a strong commitment to traditional craftsmanship and quality materials, using things like old school ingot silver and Fox mine turquoise, all hand-crafted. While he makes a variety of different pieces, he has a knack for creating unique and beautiful pendants that adorn a classic leather strap that make for an awesome everyday accessory or a perfect piece for layering.


We’re kind of preaching to the choir on this one. Any cowgirl with style or a love for the southwestern vibe has long been on the lookout for their signature squash blossom necklace – or a whole collection of them. From antique to vintage to contemporary, these statement pieces have evolved and expanded to include all sorts of silhouettes and stones, but they all have one thing in common: they’re easy to spot and impossible to ignore.

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