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November 06, 2022 1 min read

In much the same way that one needs an eye for design, one needs a vision for styling.

Fortunately, Cheryl has both, and an uncanny knack for seeing the uniqueness in something and innately knowing somehow, some time, she’s going to be glad she bought it; whether it’s three months or three years from now, whether it morphs into design inspiration or makes its way into the editorial images of a catalog. This was the case with these vintage petticoats.

Accumulated over the past several decades, these lightweight garments with their own individual attributes turned out to be aesthetically ideal for balancing old and new, juxtaposing vintage and fresh, and serving as a lovely canvas for highlighting some statement southwestern jewelry.

Chili Patine is a bold, strong collection,” Cheryl explained. “The colors are strong, that terra cotta and a lot of black, and so are the silhouettes. Petticoats have an inherent softness and daintiness about them, so for me, that juxtaposition was irresistible. And anytime you can bring something vintage together with something new and chic, then that’s not just fashion, that’s style.”

If you’re also loving this look, you’re in luck! Having served their purpose of bringing her vision to life, Cheryl’s ready to share them with y’all; you can shop her carefully curated collection online.

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