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July 25, 2021 3 min read 3 Comments

We’ve gotta hand it to you ladies – you know what you like!

“Season after season, collection after collection, we have certain silhouettes that we are certain will sell out,” Cheryl said. “We could almost bet the farm on it. Of course, we reimagine the style every time – well, except the Third Phase Top, that’s a phenomenon all its own – but the shape and the fit and the hemlines, the things that make them stand out, they’re timeless and they’re consistently fan favorites.”

Here are a few of the consistent classics:


These tops with the angular hemlines, whether they’re long-sleeved or tanks, are always quick to go. The Walpi Top is already making a splash.

“I think it’s because they’re really flattering,” Cheryl explained. “They’re in a relaxed fit, which always ups the comfort factor, and then having the longer length with the angled hemline creates a bit of a visual ‘trick’ in a way, and also gives it a little movement, so it kind of keeps the focus moving, right? Rather than, say, a fitted straight-line hem that cuts horizontally across, which works for some people, but this cut works on every body shape. And, you know our DDR gals, I’m sure the fringe doesn’t hurt!”


Our embellishments have always been an integral part of the DDR style story, and one of our most remarkable is our embroidery. It can take a cotton top from simple to statement.

“Anytime we design a top with strong embroidery, we can be pretty confident we’ll never see them on Warehouse Wednesday,” Cheryl laughed. “They combine the comfort of a casual with the aesthetic of being ‘dressed up’ or put together. And it draws attention, because you know, if you’ve ever seen our embroidery up close, it’s impressive! So, these tops -- for instance, the Painted Desert Top -- are one of those things you can count on to get you compliments – and who doesn’t love that?! Plus, they usually pull in poison colors, so they’re fun to accessorize.”


Accessorizing is one of our favorite parts of getting dressed, and scarves are a key part of our collections, so these tops instantly found a permanent place in our wardrobe – and y’all’s, too!

“To be honest, the Panuelo Top was kind of a gamble for us at first,” Cheryl admitted. “We don’t do a lot of plain solids, we really don’t. We tend to throw a print on it, or embroidery, or studs, or embellishment of some sort. BUT, even us over-the-top outfitters need staples, right? Accessorizing is an art, and sometimes it’s fun to start with a blank canvas! The scarf loop takes the trickiness out of tying one, and you can pin a pin on it if you want, really simplifies styling a scarf. And it’s fun to load with jewelry, too. Plus, it’s another one of those fits that works on everyone. People love it. I think we’ll keep creating them in colors that complement the collections.”


We’ve seen it in varying colors and iterations, but in Grand Canyon, it’s the Dough Bowl Top that’s topping the charts.

“There are a lot of factors playing into this being a favorite, I think,” Cheryl said. “The fit plays a role, for sure, that hi-low silhouette really seals the deal for a lot of gals, because it’s a big seller time after time. And I get it, it’s flattering – and it covers your booty, so you can wear it with leggings and not feel self-conscious. It’s a win-win! But with the Dough Bowl Top, it’s also the gorgeous embroidery down the sleeves, which is not only a draw in itself, but having the embellishment down the sleeves leaves them room to load up with necklaces and accessories.”


Back by popular demand! This 3rd Phase Top was originally debuted in the Taos collection and it became an instant sensation, sold out almost immediately, so we brought it back for Grand Canyon.

“The funny thing about design is sometimes you just know when a piece is going to be a winner,” Cheryl said. “And then some are unexpected favorites. Naturally, we love everything we put our name on, but our Wolfies can definitely surprise us sometimes! This top was one of those. The 3rd Phase Top took on a life of its own – people were calling retailers, begging in the trade-and-sell group, posting it on Find It Friday, it was wild! It is very rare for us to re-cut an exact piece from a previous collection, but hey, we’ve gotta give our Wolfies what they want!”

3 Responses

Elsa Victorson
Elsa Victorson

February 14, 2024

Are the Walpi and Painted Desert tops available for sale?

Carina Spies
Carina Spies

July 26, 2021

I just love these tops!! The first one is my absolute favourite💗♥️


July 26, 2021

You are so right about leaving the front plain so you can stack necklaces! I love it!

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