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August 16, 2020 1 min read

The New Neutral

We’ll say it: beige is boring, and khakis have just never really scratched our itch to stand out.

You’ll likely never hear us say anything is the “new black” – we love it too much and it’s too essential – but man, we are really loving the trend of embracing animal print as the new neutral.

We are all for the idea of enhancing your everyday look, and fashion is trending toward funky these days, so the concept of swapping out solid staples for a kickass cat print is going mainstream, and we. are. here for it.

Whether it’s leopard or cheetah (yes, there is a difference, by the way) or even tiger stripe, fashionable feline prints are all over the runway in everything from jackets to jeggings. Of course, you can still let it be the statement piece of your outfit, tempered down with black or denim, but a lot of the so-called rules that used to restrict the way you wear animal print have gone by the wayside. Feel free to mix patterns, pair it with other bold pieces like bright colors and big accessories, or rock it on top and bottom. Take a walk on the wild side.

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