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August 08, 2020 2 min read

The Matagorda Print

To oversimplify it, the Matagorda collection is an amalgamation of influence. Every garment, name, color, pattern – it all was inspired by something that made an impression on us during our upbringing. People, places, experiences. And, the Matagorda signature print, well, it’s an amalgamation of the collection.

“Oh man, I threw everything into this print but the kitchen sink!” Cheryl laughed. “Every design element you see throughout the Matagorda collectiomn, you will find in this pattern. It’s a compilation of all the influences from that period in our childhood, including the base color, which is a nod to our old avocado shag carpet! We hated that carpet, and not because it was hideous, but because we had to vacuum it and then RAKE IT! Every single Saturday.” 

And even the idea of mosaic-ing it was influenced by something from our past.

“This kind of hodge-podge design, especially on these mesh-like fabrics, was something we saw in the early 2000s,” she said. “Which sounds like yesterday, but was really almost 20 years ago. So it really is a throwback, which a lot of our 30th anniversary collection is in a way.”

The print includes colorful Mexican-style florals, classic leopard print, the signature Matagorda Serape that we had to convince them to weave for us, and the ledger art from the Accounting Jacket and Ledger Art Boot; so many visuals from our upbringing in South Texas juxtaposed into one print that somehow just… works. Honestly, it turned out even more beautiful than we imagined. So, we put in on just about everything we could think of – from a poncho to a broom skirt to a sock.

It’s part of a collection that was designed to transition into fall, but the Matagorda print pieces are so vividly colorful and also created in lightweight fabrics, so these are going to be go-to garments year-round and for years to come.

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