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January 08, 2023 3 min read 1 Comment

One of the more challenging assignments you can give a makeup artist is to make it look like they’re not wearing makeup at all. The vibe for Little Mary was “fresh-faced and feminine”, and as always, stylist extraordinaire Lisa Martensen executed it to perfection. 

“Getting the girls ready for Little Mary was more about evening out and not so much dolling them up,” Lisa said. “I think the takeaways from this look are tips and products for prepping your face like a pro. I went really subtle on the eye, lip, and cheek.”


“For Tori, I just spot-treated with Hourglass concealer, which I love. She’s got gorgeous skin with really even skin tone, so she didn’t need much, just touched up a few spots, neutralized the pinkness of the eyelids,” she said. “I think that’s a mistake that a lot of women make, putting concealer where they don’t really need it. You don’t always need a whole half-moon under your eyes, focus on the inner under-eye corners. On Kaylin, I started with a Giorgio Armani primer* just to smooth everything out and prep the face. Then – and this is a pro tip – I mixed MakeUp For Ever mattifier with Face Atelier foundation because Kaylin has a tendency to get shiny in her T-zone, particularly on these hot days. This will keep me from having to touch her up as often throughout the day.” 

*Kaylin chimed in here to say that not only does the primer help her foundation go on more smoothly, but she’s noticed it significantly reduces the clogged pores she often experiences after an extensive shoot. “I normally have at least a little bit of a breakout after a shoot like this, but times when we use this primer, it’s almost non-existent.”


“When Cheryl tells me ‘not a lot of makeup’, I hear ‘a lot of brow’!” she laughed. “Your readers have to be getting bored of me, I feel like I say the same thing every time, but I stand by it – a good brow makes a big difference. I use a flat brush for more precision, and today, I’m using a combo of two different brown matte MAC shadows, but I’m not married to any one particular powder or shadow for brows. It can be designer, it can be drugstore, just find a shade that works for your coloring and is a consistency you feel comfortable working with. A more packed powder is going to be easier to control. There are pencils and liquids specifically for brows, but eyeshadow is always going to give you a softer look. And then you can set it with a clear brow gel. NYX Brow Glue is a really good one and it’s less than $10.”


“I’m smudging just a little bit of eyeliner into the lashline,” Lisa said. “I know I sound like a spokesperson for Hourglass – I promise I don’t get any kickbacks, I wish I did! – but I really do love a lot of their stuff, and I’m using their eyeliner in Obsidian to line the eyes just slightly because once again, I’m not going to use any mascara. Then I applied a light matte grey shadow, I wish I could tell you what kind or color it is, but it’s just hanging loose in my case, so I don’t know. I don’t usually do a lot with grey, but this collection has all those blues and teals and cooler colors, so I am tying that in, but very subtly. A little on the lid and a little under the eye as well.”


“Back to being a broken record, I’m using another favorite, my RMS Cream Blush,” she laughed. “I do have something I may not have mentioned before, though! I am not normally one who buys a brush to go with a particular makeup, but RMS makes a blush brush that fits perfectly in their little blush pot, and I love it for that reason. Apply a little to the apples and then blend, blend, blend, up and outward, so it looks like a natural flush and not makeup applied in a streak.”


“Charlotte Tillbury is one of the Hall of Famers of lip color,” Lisa said. “Every professional owns the Pillow Talk Duo. I think I used #2 in the last collection, and I’m using #1 today, though in all honesty, I may layer it with shades from another palette once I get out and see it in the sunshine. I very rarely use a single lip shade, it’s almost always a blend.”

And there you have it! Fresh-faced and feminine. Are you going to try the Little Mary look?

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Keith Ann Pate
Keith Ann Pate

January 11, 2023

I love the makeup tips and have used several of them.Thank you

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