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October 21, 2016 1 min read 1 Comment


As the lifestyle of the Gaucho slowly faded and their lives changed, their legend continued to grow.

Gauchos were a people unto themselves. One had to be born a gaucho - you did not become. Their rugged and adventurous lifestyle, as well as the accouterments that helped them survive, became as legendary as they were. Engraved silver knives, hand-woven ponchos, rugged ropes, and spirited horses defined their culture and their image.

Today, the South American Gaucho rivals that of the American West’s Cowboy. He is celebrated as a great part of Argentinian culture and is remembered by many writers and storytellers.

Double D Ranch pays tribute to this authentic, free-spirit in our 2016 Fall Collection, Les Gauchos.

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Candi Andrews
Candi Andrews

November 19, 2017

Love all the historical information and the shear artistry of this site! And won’t lie, anxious to try the recipes!!!! Double D continues to make bold statements and I am so impressed with what you girls have done with your company. So proud of you and the way you give back! Keep it going.

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