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February 26, 2023 2 min read 1 Comment

We love it. Y’all love it. And whether you fancy yourself more of a rockstar or a rodeo queen, no wardrobe is quite complete without it: FRINGE.

“The appeal to fringe is kind of two-fold,” Cheryl explained. “From a design perspective, it adds texture, which has always been an important element to everything we make, whether it’s via embroidery or applique or what have you. And from the wearer’s perspective, it’s all about movement! I mean, is it even possible to put on fringe without giving a little shimmy or shake to make it move?”

Fringe is unique in that it can be incorporated in such a wide variety of ways and, like all elements of fashion, it tends to trend as the seasons and styles transition. Here’s what’s happening on the forefront of fringe right now: 


“Fringe is trending towards the extremes in terms of length right now. We’re either going full-length and dramatic, like the Sonora Vest and Jackets, where fringe is the focal point of the piece, or we’re going shorter and more subtle, like in the Billy the Kid Biker, where it makes a statement as an accent.”


“What I’m seeing happen in terms of color is that when you go longer, you stay tonal – again, the Sonora pieces are a good example of that – and then if you’re going to contrast, like the biker, then that’s when you see it in on the shorter-than-usual side. But what’s really been interesting and unexpected – and in my opinion, oh so fun – is seeing it in sparkle. We played with it back in the Nashville collection, doing it up big in rhinestones, and did it a little more subtly in Billy, in pieces like the Handy with the Steel Jacket. But perhaps my favorite fringe in this collection was doing it in silver sequins, which is fun and fabulous against that pretty Sierra Bonita serape.”

At the end of the day, fringe can’t be done wrong – it is tangential (on the fringe, if you will) to dopamine dressing, because let’s face it, fringe just makes you feel fabulous.

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Alicia M.
Alicia M.

February 27, 2023

~ Thank y’all for this post. In doing some research, I found out the [historical] origins of fringe and how it came to be. Fringe originated in Jewish culture and, the men wear a tallit (prayer shawl) with fringe at the bottom (tzitzit, pronounced zeetzeet). In Native American culture, it is used in both men and women’s clothing, esp. those made of buckskin and suede. Fringe has become such a statement in our clothing today and is hard to ignore. I have a black DDR long sleeve tee (Play Nice Be Free on the front) with fringe at the bottom (a shark bite hemline). From this collection, the Wild Like The West tee in Peach Flash is definitely on my radar and my next investment piece. ~

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