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Biker jackets aren’t “back”. They never went anywhere. They’re timeless. They’re a staple. (Even Vogue says so [link to:].) Of all the fashion trends that come and go, biker jackets have stood the test of times.
They’re bold, they’re beautiful, and in our experience, they make you feel a little bit invincible.
But the reason they’re so timeless is that they’re adaptable. Every season and every designer can put their own little touch on it, and still not abandon that essence that a “biker jacket” evokes.
Perhaps it’s cropped to feel a bit chic. Perhaps it’s tailored to feel a bit more feminine. Perhaps it’s lined with fur or accented with color. But it is still, in its essence, a biker jacket and it you gives you that feeling of “oh, yeah!” when you put it on.
Our particular favorite is the Escalante Jacket which is cut to flatter, made of supple sheep leather, and features patches, studding, accent pockets and fringe, designed to make you feel simultaneously irresistible and untouchable.

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Omero Cortez
Omero Cortez

March 15, 2020

Is the Escalante jacket still available, and do you have a payment plan?
Thank you
Omero Cortez

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