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August 20, 2022 1 min read

Every childhood has a chair. A chair that is as familiar to you as your own bedroom, and every bit as comforting.

You can picture it right now; every lump and sag, every crease in the leather, perhaps a cantankerous recliner lever that dang near required the expertise of a gear shift. You can feel it, too; the fabric, the way your tiny body sunk into its well-worn places like a hug, and the victory of claiming it before your siblings. We’d be willing to bet you can even still smell it; grandaddy’s aftershave or grandmother’s perfume, a faint mustiness of dirt from the fields, or even the sickly-sweet scent of tobacco.

For us, that chair was Odie Mac’s recliner. It was upholstered in avocado green vinyl, it made a god-awful creak when he reclined, and it had an Odell-shaped mold to it from all the time he spent in it. Heck, we sisters never even got a chance to fight over it because he seemingly never got out of it. It’s hard to recall whether the chair went first or Odie did because to this day we can hardly picture one without the other, an image that lives tucked away in the sepia-toned corners of our brain, a subtle subconscious influence that made its way into the colors of this collection. There simply had to be a green recliner cameo in the editorial imagery of the Eloise catalog.

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