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February 28, 2021 3 min read 1 Comment

“Reviews seem to be that one piece of the puzzle we just can’t quite get to snap in place,” Cheryl laughed. “We are so fortunate to have a community of customers that are so engaged in every other way! I don’t know another brand that gets to interact with their people in the way that we do, we’re very blessed in that way; even after all this time it still baffles me that there are actual people who will tune in to watch me tie a scarf in my bathroom. Ya know? They’re the best. I think maybe we just haven’t adequately explained how helpful reviews are and how they’re used, because I know these women – they’re helpful, they’re benevolent, and they’re happy to share this kind of info with their sisters. I think if we give them a little more knowledge, and know-how, and maybe a little nudge every now and then, our Wolf Pack will impress us like they always do.”


This fun tee shirt is so tough looking.
I could surely scare away any bandits with it! Love it.

– Carolyn R.

Bandidas Top

Ok, so first things first: WHY ARE REVIEWS HELPFUL?

“Well, that’s two-fold,” explained Mitchell Franz, Director of Marketing. “For starters: feedback, feedback, feedback. A company eliciting feedback from their customers is essential to learning, to growing (figuratively and literally), and to seizing opportunities to improve the overall experience. Secondly: a product review from a person who has purchased an item is invaluable to someone who is considering purchasing it. Like asking your neighbor how they like their grill before you go buy the same one. Tale as old as time, people want word of mouth reassurance. Our customers are prolific at that on our social media channels – which is wonderful – but unfortunately, that is somewhat insular and therefore is unhelpful to anyone not on those channels, like say, a husband purchasing for his wife or a potential first-time buyer just discovering DDR.”

“Mitchell is our analytics guy, can you tell?” Cheryl laughed. “Yes, all of that is true, and all of that is helpful, but I don’t want that to discourage anyone from sharing it on social. I still want to see it on! I’m a visual person – I like to see how the silhouettes hit on different body types and I love to see how everyone styles their stuff. Sometimes a Wolfie will wear something in a way I hadn’t thought of and it inspires an idea for an upcoming collection. Am I allowed to encourage both?”

Long story short:
It helps us make better products and processes for y’all, and it helps your fellow fans of DDR make better, more informed buying decisions. And Cheryl wants to see you in it.


Easy! On the website, all you have to do is go to the item you wish to review, scroll down to the “Write A Review” button, and fill in the fields:

Name and email: Pretty standard

Location: Where you bought the item; this is a chance for you to show your retailer some love if you bought it from a brick-and-mortar shop.

Rating: How much you love your DDR on a scale of 1-5 stars

Title: “Best pants ever!” or “Jacket of my dreams!” or, ya know, whatever you want.

Body: This is where you can be super helpful to both the company and the customer. Not sure what to write? Here are some suggestions to consider including:

  • What do you love about it? Where have you/will you wear it? What’s your fave thing to pair it with?
  • How does it fit? Size up, size down, true to size? Do the boots fit your calves? Did you have to hem your pants? Can you wear the tunic as a dress or vice versa? (TIP: if you’re commenting on the length of something, it’s helpful to provide your height.)
  • How does it feel? Does the fabric have any give/stretch to it? Is the leather even more luxurious in person? Is it flattering?
  • Any other helpful info? Does the blouse need a camisole underneath? Does it look particularly great with some other piece of DDR in your wardrobe?

We can’t wait to hear from you!

1 Response

Melissa Schulman
Melissa Schulman

June 28, 2022

How I love the Lorena Tank! This tank runs true to size. You can pair it with black, tan, white, orange, and yellow shorts, slacks, or skirts seamlessly. It has a beautiful shimmer to it when you move. The Lorena Tank is so comfortable and best of all not hot in the Texas heat!

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