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October 29, 2023 3 min read 1 Comment

We’ve got a new little something you’re gonna love from way out of left field! (Sorry, all the World Series hype here in Texas has us talking in baseball terms.)

Well, not really left field, per se, as serape has always kind of been our thing, but this fabulous mini run is a limited-edition collection all its own (i.e. doesn’t belong to one of our 2023 fall releases), so it has a built-in VIP vibe that wasn’t really intentional, but is kind of awesome.

Ok, so here’s what happened – not that we need a reason, but the backstory is kind of cool:

Y’all know the Hand House, right? You’ve probably at least heard us mention it, seen some photos of it, maybe even follow it on Instagram (@the_hand_house). If you haven’t, The Hand House is a DDR-tangential project; it’s the renovation and reinvigoration of the quarters on Cheryl’s ranch outside Yoakum. She and Jack worked hand-in-hand (pun not intended, but appreciated) on it for a while to elevate it to an establishment worthy of our esteemed Wolf Pack, to serve as lodging for a girls’ weekend, a romantic bed-and-breakfast, a serene solo getaway, etc. Well, shocker, Cheryl had a vision for something that didn’t (yet) exist! She had her heart set on a certain serape scheme and, as a designer is wont to do, she brought it to fruition.

And alas, we have what we’ve dubbed the Travel Series Serape, a turquoise-based weave with pops of sunset shades, and we have to admit, it oozes the essence of DDR. (When we saw it for the first time, we collectively said, “Yep, that’s about the most ‘Double D’ serape we’ve ever seen!”)

Anyway, what with yardage minimums and all, we had a little extra on our hands and we’re really pushing to be prudent with product, particularly those that are slightly self-indulgent, so Cheryl flipped to the page in her notebook where she keeps a running list of items folks ask us to make and voila! Just in time for the holidays, we have four new “surprise serape” pieces.


Probably more than anything else, we get asked about making menswear. We’ve been there, done that, and we might do it again, but right now, that’s an undertaking we simply can’t allocate the necessary attention to make it successful. BUT, because our own boys love to don DDR, too, we try to pop in a piece every now and again. The hues in this serape are unisex, undeniably wester, and rodeo-ready, so we crafted it into a men’s pearl snap workshirt.


This one’s for the gals! It’s a classic cowgirl silhouette in the small-batch serape with a pair of patch front pockets and a pearl snap placket. It’s a great seasonless shirt you can rock with your Wranglers or a swanky skirt, and if you’re really feelin’ cheeky, you can now match your man!


Whether you’re cozying up with a cup of coffee, having a leisurely lounge around the house, or need something to don while you’re gettin’ all done up, a great robe is a gal’s best friend. (And a guy’s, too – it comes in plus sizes for the DDR Dude in your life!) Strut around in southwestern style with this colorful custom serape.


Now this one is really outside the box – or the hamper, if you will – but because so many of our Wolf Pack are road warriors, a DDR laundry bag has been highly requested for a while. This little cutie (28” x 22”) is the perfect size to pop in your suitcase to keep your stuff sorted while you’re away, to gift to your kid who’s off to college, or to use as your dry cleaning bag.

Obviously, these will all make great gifts and stocking stuffers, but bear in mind that this was a one-time run, and quantities are limited and finite, so you might want to snag some now – they may not be around come Christmas!

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Carina Spies
Carina Spies

November 06, 2023

What a great idea!! And nice serape too!!!💞

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