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July 03, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

Traveling Show is such a fun collection cover-to-cover, so it’s hard to declare any one a “favorite”, but these supporting characters ended up being stars of the show!


We’ve got our eyes on the Prize… Every Time pieces. We anticipated the Prize Every Time Top would be a winner – colorful cotton tees with fun embroidery are always a fan favorite, and those fun cap sleeves sealed the deal – but it’s the white denim that’s made a surprise splash! The jacket is lightweight and versatile and has proven to be the perfect summer jacket for anyone who lives in any kind of altitude where the temp dips a little on summer nights. Oh, and those pants? Y’all, if you don’t have a pair of these drawstring dreams, you’re just cheating yourself out of comfort.


No matter where you live or what your style is, we all seem to have one thing in common: socks are our love language! Admittedly, socks have been a crowd-pleaser since we first started making them, but something about signature socks this summer really stole the show. (So just a little friendly hint from a fellow sock-lovin’ sister: if you haven’t gotten your Traveling Show trio yet, you might wanna hop on that, like PRONTO.)


What’s not to love? It’s retro, it’s red-white-and-blue, and hello – TURQUOISE! Patriotic perfection, but colorful enough to rock year round.  

[Ok, full disclosure: this is an Author’s Pick! Fourth of July is my favorite day of the year, I love all things Americana, and I would dress like the flag every day of the year if I could, so this is the perfect piece to tone down my patriotism a touch for my everyday outfit.]


This one pleases us a great deal – we LOVE that y’all are embracing some of the out-of-the-box creations we’re playing with in design! We tweaked the romper a little for this season and you gals are loving that wider waistband – hooray! The skort is becoming a summer staple as more and more of you lovely ladies are finding the comfort and convenience factor of combining the form of a skirt with the function of shorts, a real win-win. Oh, and the Daring Girls Top – we are giddy that y’all are grabbing it up like it’s going out of style, because guess what? It’s definitely not – this shorter silhouette trend is sticking around!


We can share behind-the-scenes snippets from photoshoots until we’re blue in the face, and it would still never accurately convey the dedication to detail that goes into every minute accent – and how much of it we create ourselves, just for the perfect shot. Our design team outdid themselves with these show bills and posters for Traveling Show and they are an opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind piece of the DDR story (and if you watch American Pickers, you know these little babies are collector’s items you’ll be glad you snagged down the road!).

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Carina Spies
Carina Spies

July 10, 2022

Such fabulous designs!! Love the adventure and out of the box things!!!

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