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March 13, 2021 2 min read

Rompers are a little outside the box for DDR, but we are loving this look. Rompers originated in the early 1900s, originally designed for children as play clothes because the silhouette made it easy for – you guessed it – rompin’ around. The style was quickly adapted into adult fashions, and while it’s ebbed and flowed in popularity throughout the decades, the romper remains the height of spring chic.

This colorful romper features an assortment of illustrated feathers in various multicolored patterns and sizes on a gorgeous teal-green background. It’s more of a relaxed fit with an elastic waist, oversized short sleeves, and the shallow V-neck is accented with a pretty pink lace detail.

Worried you can’t pull off the style? We get that. Not every romper is for everybody, but there is a romper for every body. Give a few a try! What’s important is that you feel comfortable, and above all, confident in it.

Rompers aren’t only fun to wear, they’re fun to accessorize.

“You can really make it yours with how you style it,” said Cheryl. “A concho belt is a great way to add a little southwestern style to your romper, of course, but really, any belt can kind of transform the look. And your footwear can take it in any number of directions – you can go tall boots, sassy little shortie boots, even maybe some little gladiator sandals. Or mocs – knee-high moccasins would look fabulous with this. I also really like it with a denim jacket, especially for those early spring days when the temperature is all over the place.”

Kind of obsessed with the blanket she’s holding? Us, too.You can get it here.

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