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February 04, 2024 2 min read 1 Comment

Supporting more charities (especially children's ones) is always a good way to give back, and today we wanna inspire you and relive one of our favorite memories of 2023 by telling you more about the impromptu live auction we held at our Grand Event in Ft Worth last year - that ended up raising $20,000 for St Jude's Children's Hospital! The donation has now been accepted and it's such a great feeling to know we've helped some little ones in need - so we want to share the happiness with y'all.

If you remember (we can’t forget) Cose Salvaje kindly donated bottles of their tequila to us for the event back in October - which we put on the VIP tables at the event and in our Tanya Tucker experience tote bags. Tanya also had two pink bottles of the Plata Pink Cosa Salvaje Tequila on stage with her as she performed, which got two DDR gals in the audience (hey there Leslie and Melanie!) thinking.

These gals are huge supporters of St Jude's and the work they do to treat the toughest childhood cancers and pediatric diseases, and they saw the Tanya performance as a perfect opportunity to raise some money. So they ran an idea over to Kristen Schley, our Director of Customer Service, and she got to work! As soon as Tanya took a break during her performance our natural born entertainer, Mitchell Franz, jumped up on stage to announce that we'd be having a live auction of the two bottles of tequila that had been on the stage, in support of St Jude's.

Tanya herself is a huge supporter of cancer research, so of course she loved the idea and was all in! As the bottles were being auctioned off, Tanya autographed them and Mitchell led the crowd to raise a mind-blowing $20,000 for St Jude's!

Leslie and Melanie just so happened to also be the highest bidders of the two bottles. Both ladies got to take some great pictures with Tanya at our meet and greet backstage after the event - it was definitely an evening they (and we) will never forget! All of us at Double D are so proud to have been part of donating $20,000 to St Jude's and supporting such a wonderful cause.

Feeling inspired by our story? Learn more about St Jude's here and consider raising funds for them in 2024!

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Sandra Whutlock
Sandra Whutlock

February 14, 2024

Go Tanya! Bless their hearts!

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